About MatchNursingHomes.org

Our Mission

To collect and organize information on skilled nursing facilities (SNF) in the United States in order to provide a single resource for all stakeholders including residents, family, and nursing facility staff.

Why is there a need?

The search for the right nursing home can be a very stressful and demanding time for both the family and the loved ones being relocated. In situations such as these, being more informed about all the options available can make a dramatic difference. Often times, potential residents are suggested nursing homes based simply on location, although important there are many factors to consider prior to making a decision. It is our mission to discuss what these factors should be and provide as much information as possible about how each nursing facility has performed.

How to use the site?

MatchNursingHomes.org allows visitors to find and compare more than 15,000 Medicare-certified nursing homes across the United States. The information is collected and organized at the state, city, and individual nursing home levels. To compare nearby nursing homes you can use the nursing home search by zip code tool, or to get an idea of their proximity on a map, drill down to the city listing page.

The website also provides easy to follow guides on all aspects of nursing home care. Along with these guides you can ask questions and discuss nursing home topics with others.

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