Nursing Home Guides

Finding the right nursing home for a family member of friend can be a very emotional and difficult decision. We hope to help make this process a little bit less complicated by providing simple to understand guides. We are always looking for feedback and guide suggestions, so please feel free to join the discussion below each guide or contact us.

About Nursing Homes

What Services Does a Nursing Home Provide?

A guide describing some of the medical and daily living services provided by skilled nursing homes.

How Nursing Home Quality is Determined

A summary of the different measures used to determine a quality rating of a nursing home.

What Are Alternative Long-Term Care Choices?

A guide to long-term care choices besides nursing homes that may be an option in some situations.

What Are Quality-of-Life Considerations in Choosing a Nursing Home?

A guide to quality-of-life issues that should be considered when selecting a skilled nursing facility.

What Are the Different Types of Nursing Homes?

A guide to the differences between skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities.

What Kind of Medical Care Will the Nursing Home Provide?

A guide to the medical services provided by skilled nursing facilities.

Where Can I Find Information about Nursing Home Care?

A list of resources for the elderly, focusing on health care, Medicare, and nursing homes.

What Should I Look for when Visiting a Prospective Nursing Home?

A guide to visiting skilled nursing facilities as part of the process of choosing a facility.

Skilled Nursing Facility Evaluation Visit Checklist

A checklist for making evaluation visits to skilled nursing facilities you are considering.

Nursing Home Residents

What Are the Rights of Nursing Home Residents?

A guide to the rights of nursing home patients as guaranteed by state and federal law

What Are the Options for Dealing with Nursing Home Problems?

A guide to addressing any problems that may arise with your loved one's care in a skilled nursing facility

Elder Care & Elder Rage: Know The Warning Signs of Alzheimer's!

A guide by Jacqueline Marcell, the author of 'Elder Rage'; What the signs of Alzheimer's disease look like and what are the commonly overlooked behaviors.

Paying for Nursing Home Care

How Nursing Facilities are Reimbursed, Types of Services, and ADL Scores

Describes how nursing homes are reimbursed for services through medicare, including how ADL scores and RUGs are used.

How Do I Pay for Nursing Home Care?

A guide to the options for paying for skilled nursing facility care.